We're moving on

To our beloved book loving community, 


We have had to make the unfortunate decision to close our Wicker Park location. 


We know. 


It’s big news. 


It is a tough pill to swallow after that joyous day of support you all showed us on our bookstore birthday just two days ago. We are so thankful for the support, and so terribly sorry to follow up with such sad news. Unfortunately, that same evening, it became clear to us that we could no longer sustain operations at that location. 


From epic losses in coffee, events, and more in the last year, to an unpredictable income stream, endless business pivots, and the ending of our lease, this year has put us through the ringer. Our lease is up, and we know it is time to leave 1474. While we are devastated to leave it behind, we also have high hopes for our future all the same.


This does not mean we are leaving you. We are still Volumes. We are still here. We will return to our beloved neighborhood in physical form sooner than you think. We aren’t going out of business, we are just closing a location. We still have our location at 900 N. Michigan Ave, and we will still be serving our community as best we can from our underground outpost here in the neighborhood. We still have virtual events. Weekly story times. Book Clubs. All the things!


We are really proud of what we built at 1474. We spent a year physically building that space. We poured literal blood, sweat, and tears into that space. We hand built every cafe table. We plastered and painted and put together nearly every inch. It is unbearably hard to let that all go. 


But, if we are being honest, what we built is more than that space. People call independent bookstores community spaces because that is what we are. A community. A family. You are a part of what we are. We are a part of you. We built that space for people to gather. From first dates to Catan marathons, from Pulitzer prize winning author events to emerging new talent sharing their work at our open mics, and from book swaps to story times, we’ve had an impressive first five years for any business. We have hundreds of author and celebrities sign on our walls, and literally tens of thousands of you have joined our loyalty program. We are proud of what we’ve done, and we have you all to thank for that. We can’t wait until we can open our doors to this community once again. 


So, as of today, our web curbside pickup option in Wicker Park will be ending. In a week’s time when we’re all cleaned out and maybe sleeping again, we will begin home delivery again for the 60622 and 60647. We can pretend it is like the early days of the pandemic –  you can’t come to us, but we can still come to you. Our last day to browse will be this Saturday, March 27th. We know. Very soon.


We know you all have a LOT of questions, so we have compiled a giant list of answers. Just know, your orders will still get to you, no matter what. We still have all of the info on everything. Whether we ship it to you or put it on your doorstep ourselves, it will get to you. We’re still figuring out a few kinks, but we will send word when we have all of the info. Please bear with us as we figure it all out. 


If you’d like to lend a hand, as many have expressed interest, we have a sign up option HERE 


If you’d like to donate to help us with the move and all the things, we’re keeping our gofundme campaign going HERE


If you have interest in investing in our future plans, please reach out to Rebecca once this whole week is over. For now, you all can follow along and see where we land by following @volumesbooks on instagram, twitter, and facebook as well as on our website! If you need your browsing fix, head on over to 900N. (Free parking for 3 hours if you spend $10 or more)


Overall, please know that we are so so thankful for the support you’ve all shown. We’re thankful we were able to get you books in the darkest days, and books in the brightest days all from this bootstrap bookstore space we built. That space hosted two weddings, an engagement, baby showers, birthday parties, first steps and so much more. It will be missed. We look forward to doing that all over again in a new space very soon.

Love and books,

Rebecca and Kimberly


“There is a way forward

and yes

it is with a broken


but it is our own way

collectively convened,



Alice Walker