School Book Fairs

Book Fairs are an integral part of our mission here at Volumes. As former Chicago Public School educators, we know how important simply getting books in front of children can be. 

Our book fairs give up to 25% of the profits in cash or up to 40% of the profits in books. In other words, at the end of the fair, we will be able to either provide even MORE books for the school, or cash for the school to use on other things. Any school can use one or a combination of the following book fair choices.


Schools are provided with a variety of stock for a week. We consult with schools on what kinds of books they want to be represented at the fair (from popular titles to select classics). At the beginning of the week, a school is provided with boxes of books, display easels, a cash drawer and a square reader for all sales. Instructions will also accompany this package. Schools can also opt for a personalized (to their school) take home catalog. If we run out of a particular book, students are still allowed to purchase the book they want, and the book will be delivered the following week, if not a day or two later. 


During the course of one week to one month, depending, a school can create online wishlists for each classroom. All purchases will be hand delivered to the school at the end of the online book fair period. Purchases outside of the wishlists also count towards the total when users add their school's code to the checkout. 


Over the course of a week or weekend, students and families can come shop at our store. Not only do we have posted wishlists and curated shelves for the school, but all purchases by the family, for the school or not, will be added to the book fair total. In-store book fairs also allow for student performances (music, poetry, etc). 


We aim to make this process as seamless for the school as possible. Once committed, our team will reach out with all of the steps to make a successful book fair! 

Book fairs not only help local schools, but they aid in keeping independent bookstores alive and thriving. 

Have questions? Please email and we will get back to you right away!