While we are booked through June and July, we do have openings in the months ahead. After purchase we will reach out and coordinate a date that works for us both!Please give us a list of possible dates you are interested in. 

What's more romantic than a dinner in a bookstore - and the space all to yourself?


From 6:30pm-8pm you can reserve just that. While you bring your own food and drink, we will supply table linens, cutlery, and table decor. We also provide a super fun bookstore scavenger hunt made specifically for couples to ignite their love for each other and their love for books. Some couples opt to spend the time just browsing. Some play one of the many complimentary board and card games we have on hand. The time is yours!


Want to do a few friends instead of a couple? We add on an extra $25 per person over two.


Reserving a space costs $125, but on the night of, the couple will receive a $50 gift card to spend in store or you can opt to donate your $50 to the store. 

forgot to tip your host you still can:

or you can donate to our gofundme for replacing our broken equipment here:
Kimberly @Kimberly -George18




Price: $125.00