Bookstore Query Session


Are you an author wanting to set up a tour or one off event with a local bookstore? We receive, no joke, dozens upon dozens of requests in any given week. As such, we know what works best for us, and what we will absolutely toss in the trash without hesitation. 

There is a method to this, and co-owner Rebecca is here to help. Booking a virtual session with Rebecca means a 30 minute session where she will analyze your current existing pitch (sent to her ahead of time) and help you to revise and reconstruct for a better pitch. 

A reminder, that not all books do well as full events. They might be better off as just a signing table or grouped with other similar books as a group event. Also, not every bookstore is a home for every book. Indie bookstores spend countless hours curating their stock to meet the needs of their customers (this is after years of data analysis and interpersonal connection with the community). That being said, Rebecca often has ideas for where you should concentrate your bookstore search, how to propose consignment, or how to alert a local bookstore to your forthcoming release.


Upon booking, please add to the notes section a few proposed dates/times that would work for you. We will get back to you shortly with a solid date and a zoom invite. 



Price: $50.00