Between The Covers: A Bookstore Erotica Anthology

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Between The Covers: A Bookstore Erotica Anthology (actual cover art different than current iteration)


We made a book! It's an anthology of bookstore erotica. Yep, you heard that right. We gathered up a few dozen poets and fiction writers and made them write us some erotica or "erotica" that is either in, around, or adjacent to a bookstore. Fun, right?

Contributors: Rebecca Makkai - Renee Rosen - Kathleen Rooney - C Russ Price - Adam Morgan - SAra Cutaia - Susanna Calkins - Maryse Meijer - Mary Robinette Kowal - Tara Betts - Jeremy Owens - Gint Aras - Lauren Emily - Thea Goodman - MCkenzie Chin - Megan Stielstra - Christine Sneed - Dave Kelly - Suzanne Clores - Regina Joy - Todd Summar  and more! 


Interested now? We thought you would be. 


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