Baby's First Year

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In the grand scheme of things, a baby's reading life is far more robust than one might assume. Add nap times, quiet times, and bed time, and reading books can have a BIG space in the life of a young one, parent, or caregiver. To keep everyone sane from reading the same book over and over, we're here to give six months of hands free help for keeping a fresh and meaningful addition to the home library.

Each month (for SIX MONTHS) we sent a combo box of new or classic board books and a gift, or a board book and a picture book, or a picture book and a gift. We love the littles, and we know the power of starting early with children to instill a love for books. Miss Kimberly is a former pre-school and day care teacher, and she LOVES finding just the right book for your loved one. 

If you are sending this as a gift, please provide the name and shipping address for the recipient and let us know in the notes section that it is a gift, also when the little one was born. We will take it from there!



Price: $150.00
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