Other Ways to Use Your Local Bookstore

Sure, we do exist here every day just doing bookstore things, but we also do a ton of things outside of our store. We do in-school/in-store/online bookfairs. We do online gift campaigns for corporate clients. We sell books at conferences, and meetings, and corporate talks, and weddings, and fundraisers and....the list goes on.


Let us know how we can help you! Rethink the norm for your events. We supply the books and a cheerful bookseller or two to boot!


Have an author you'd like to bring to your company or conference? We can help with that!


Want to bring a fundraising book fair to your school? We can help with that!


Want your company to start a book club? We can help with that, too!


Want something better than candy or toys for your kid's birthday goody bags? We can definitely help with that. 


Looking for something new to give clients as gifts? Books make GREAT gifts. While we're sure that hat with your logo looks cool, we promise that for a similar price, we can send your clients off with something more memorable.

Have an idea or want to talk things through? Send us a note at info@volumesbooks.com