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NaNoWriMo Volumes
Novel Experiment. Vol. 1

We're writing a novel! Every day a new writer and a new chapter! 

Check back daily for the newest installment! Once the month is over, look forward to a printed copy and a party in the new year!

Chapter One - Rebecca George

Chapter Two - Kate Paone

Chapter Three - Jess Reed

Chapter Four - Lane Williams

Chapter Five - Mary Robinette Kowal

Chapter Six - Twitchy

Chapter Seven - Thomas Flynn

Chapter Eight - Cody Lee

Chapter Nine - T. Sean Steele

Chapter Ten - Victoria Cunha

Chapter Eleven - Rebecca Gordon

Chapter Twelve- Lucy Brian

Chapter Thirteen - Andres Bocaroja

Chapter Fourteen - Tamara Matthews

Chapter Fifteen - Erin Clancy  

Chapter Sixteen - JH Palmer

Chapter Seventeen - kevin michael gunnerson  

Chapter Eighteen - Trina High

Chapter Nineteen - Gint Aras

Chapter Twenty - Bo McMillan

Chapter Twenty One - The Volumes Staff