We are currently shipping books direct from our warehouses to YOU. These take between 2-5 days depending on which warehouse your book or puzzle is in! But hey, FREE SHIPPING, and you get to support your local small business in this crazy new world.



If you are in Wicker Park and we have the book in stock, we are just going to deliver to your house. Or we can. It is easy. We sanitize the book and wrap it up! We will even leave it on your stoop if that is your preference.



For right now, co-owner Rebecca is there from 12-5pm if you'd like to pick up a book or puzzle. We still have some puzzles left! Want us to ship you a puzzle? We can do that. Want to be surprised by the puzzle? Even better, let's russian roulette some puzzles into the world. Rebecca promies to select a REALLY COOL one. 


Send us an email at for questions or call betwee 12-5pm 773-697-8066

There is a chance we might have Rebecca stay home for one day this weekend, because she needs a darn break, but we will keep you posted.