Franklin Fine Arts 2021

Welcome to the 2021 Frankling Fine Arts School Book Fair!

Below you will see links to wishlists for every team.


We suggest if you are making a personal purchase, to make that a separate purchase so that you can properly designate whether you'd prefer curbside pick up at either of our locations (1474 N Milwaukee Ave. in Wicker Park or 900 N, Michigan Ave Level 5), or shipping. Please use the code FRANKLIN21 at checkout so we know which purchases to attribute to the fair overall.


Many families enjoy selecting a book from faculty wishlists to gift a book to the school during bookfairs. For these purchases, all items selected from the Wishlists will automatically be collected at our store for distribution to Franklin later in the month. 


We will take it from there!


Faculty Classroom Wishlists

Ms. Riedle - Kindergarten

Ms. Bertagna - 1st grade

Ms. Dee - 2nd grade

Ms. Mackenzie - 3rd grade

Mrs. Brink - 4th grade

Ms. Baum - 4th grade

Mrs. Sobotka - 5th grade

Ms. Pagels - 6th grade

Ms. Tingley - 7th grade

Mrs. Bertoncini - 2nd, 3rd, 4th Reading

Ms. Chandran - DL

Mrs. Williams - Drama

Mrs. Gray - Music

Ms. Gonzalez - Art

Mrs. Serrano - Dance

Mrs. Moreno - ELL

Ms. Ignatovic - Counseling