Tea Krulos - Apocalypse Any Day Now


Secretly bingeing Doomsday Preppers on your days off? Constantly thinking about how you'd get out of the city when the zombie apocalypse comes, or some other malady? Tea Krulos spent a year inside the world of Doomsday Preppers, and he is reporting back on all that he learned.

Join us April 4th as we welcome the author of Heroes in the Night and Monster Hunters: On the Trail With Ghost Hunters, Bigfooters, Ufologists, and Other Paranormal Investigators.

If we are very good, Tea will even teach us how to do a fun urban prep! (details forthcoming).

ABOUT THE BOOK: It seems like people are always talking about the end of the world, doesn't it? Y2K, the Mayan Apocalypse, Blood Moon Prophecies, nuclear war, killer robots, you name it. In Apocalypse Any Day Now, journalist Tea Krulos travels the country to try to puzzle out America's obsession with the end of days. Along the way he meets doomsday preppers—people who stockpile supplies and learn survival skills—as well as religious prognosticators and climate scientists. He camps out with the Zombie Squad (who use a zombie apocalypse as a survival metaphor); tours the Survival Condos, a luxurious bunker built in an old Atlas missile silo; and attends Wasteland Weekend, where people party like the world has already ended. Frightening and funny, the ideas Krulos explores range from ridiculously outlandish to alarmingly near and present dangers

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Thursday, April 4, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

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Apocalypse Any Day Now: Deep Underground with America's Doomsday Preppers Cover Image
ISBN: 9781613736418
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Published: Chicago Review Press - April 2nd, 2019