Read Like the Devil: The essential course in reading playing cards (Divination) (Paperback)

Read Like the Devil: The essential course in reading playing cards (Divination) By Camelia Elias Cover Image
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This book is the second in a trilogy of books based on courses in cartomancy under the signature Read Like the Devil. It is packed with examples of student work and teacher feedback. Camelia Elias lives up to her reputation of a cartomantic martial artist, taking no prisoners. Her cuts through misunderstandings and misinterpretations are clean, leaving the serious student of cartomancy with a sense of wonder. The aim is to establish a top-level cartomancy that gives the possibility for all the students of the playing cards to reach the level of competence where they are beyond comparison, in a league of their own.

This course book offers rigorous deconstructions and revisions of traditional approaches to reading the playing cards, establishing a unique, oracular voice that's efficient, convincing, and poetic. The fortuneteller that emerges from these pages is analytical, deductively logical, and contextually situated. Her Read like the Devil method fuses the obvious with a penetrating Zen clarity.

In addition to method and technique, the book features an incisive discussion of how to use playing cards in a magical setting, contributing fresh and original insights to the emerging interest in magic.

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ISBN: 9788792633736
ISBN-10: 8792633730
Publisher: Eyecorner Press
Publication Date: March 12th, 2021
Pages: 330
Language: English
Series: Divination