San Pedro Huachuma: Opening the Pathways of the Heart (Paperback)

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San Pedro / Huachuma: Opening The Pathways Of The Heart is an invitation to explore and reconnect with our inner landscapes with the help of San Pedro, also known in South America as Huachuma. San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi) is a psychoactive cactus native of the Andes, but more importantly it's an ancestral medicine that has been used for millennia for healing and ceremonial purposes.
Our Western psychic and psychological make-up differs radically from that of Andean people, and our needs as modern people differ just as much from the needs of the ancestors and inhabitants of this land. This book intends to bridge such cultural gap in ways that honor the wealth of wisdom gathered through centuries of native studies and experimentation, and at the same time address our present day state of emotional disconnection and spiritual confusion, which are at the root of most physical, emotional, and mental diseases.
Javier Regueiro draws a comprehensive and practical map for exploring consciousness using this ancestral medicine by sharing from his extensive knowledge as a plant medicine person, his personal experiences, and those of the many people he has guided over the years using this medicine.

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Publication Date: September 12th, 2017
Pages: 298
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