World Mythology for Beginners: 50 Timeless Tales from Around the Globe (Paperback)

World Mythology for Beginners: 50 Timeless Tales from Around the Globe By Zachary Hamby Cover Image

World Mythology for Beginners: 50 Timeless Tales from Around the Globe (Paperback)


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Lose yourself in the world's most compelling myths

People have always created stories to explain and explore the world around them. World Mythology for Beginners introduces you to 50 of the most incredible tales of gods, heroes, and monsters. From common classics to lesser-known tales, these compact and modern retellings are a joy to read. You'll never forget the myths, their meaning, and their place within history.

Go beyond other mythology books with:

  • Tales from around the world—Discover myths that cover every corner of the globe, from the Greek classics to the oral traditions of Africa.
  • Stories come to life—Read myths and legends presented with a storyteller's flair that makes it easy to enjoy them time after time.
  • Mythology 101—Contextualize each story with a collection of quick facts about its origin, key figures, and insights into the lessons and legends each myth celebrates.

Start your journey into the world of mythology with this engaging introductory guide.

ZACHARY HAMBY is the author of the Reaching Olympus and Mythology for Teens series, as well as World Mythology for Beginners, Introduction to Mythology for Kids, and The Hero’s Guidebook. He’s an English teacher in rural Missouri, where he lives with his wife, Rachel, and their two children, Luke and Jane.

Product Details ISBN: 9781648763991
ISBN-10: 1648763995
Publisher: Callisto
Publication Date: September 21st, 2021
Pages: 212
Language: English

"Zachary Hamby's reader-friendly presentation of these profound myths from diverse cultures around the world is so compelling that his book can be enjoyed by a wide audience—not just those new to mythology." —Jo Ann Cavallo, professor, Columbia University, book series editor for Anthem World Epic and Romance, and creator at World Epics

"In his newest book, Hamby presents us with a truly diverse sampling of mythologies from around the world, ranging from the widely familiar to the more obscure. Grouped by region, each chapter contains a short version of the myth and is accompanied by various facts and an explanation of the tale's place in the wider world of mythology. Both avid mythology connoisseurs and those curious about expanding their knowledge on the subject are likely to enjoy this book. Highly recommended for public and school libraries." —Paige Harp, coordinator of infant - grade 12 resources, Meyer Library, Missouri State University

"World Mythology for Beginners allows readers to appreciate the timeless power of mythology and also its pivotal role in a global context. The collected stories in this resource engage you to investigate the world and to focus on how inextricably interconnected we are through myth. If educating globally competent students through the lens of mythology is an aim of your classroom or curriculum, this book will serve to recognize perspectives and communicate ideas." —Micheal Posey, teacher and chair of National Mythology Exam: Pegasus