Waiting in the Wings: Portrait of a Queer Motherhood (Hardcover)

Waiting in the Wings: Portrait of a Queer Motherhood By CherrĂ­e Moraga Cover Image


In a series of journal entries--some original passages, others revisited and expanded in retrospect--Cherri Moraga details her experiences with pregnancy, birth, and the early years of lesbian parenting.

The premature birth of her son, when HIV-related mortality rates were at their highest, forced Moraga, a new mother at 40-years-old, to confront the fragile volatility of life and death; in these recorded dreams and reflections, her terror and resilience are made palpable. The particular challenges of queer parenting prove transformative as Moraga navigates her interesecting roles as mother, child, lover, friend, artist, activist, and more.

With an updated introduction and other additions, this 25th anniversary edition of Waiting in the Wings is thoughtful and emotive, with prose that is sharp and beautifully written, from the voice of a beloved and incomparable writer.

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ISBN: 9781642598780
ISBN-10: 164259878X
Publisher: Haymarket Books
Publication Date: December 27th, 2022
Pages: 160
Language: English