The Game Is Not a Game: The Power, Protest and Politics of American Sports (Hardcover)

The Game Is Not a Game: The Power, Protest and Politics of American Sports By Robert Scoop Jackson Cover Image
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Part theory, part op-ed, The Game is Not a Game, is an affecting, sobering and unflinching examination of the good and evil of the sports industry. Both liberating and provocative, Jackson explores the role sports play in American society and also the hypocritical standards, which the athletes that play them are often judged. The Game is Not a Game is not intended to be a "safe space." It breaks the typical sports literary format and rules, challenging accepted ideology, and pushing the comfort zones and boundaries of mainstream sports media. Chapters explore "America's Miseducation of LeBron James;" "The Disrespect of Serena Williams' G.O.A.T.ness;" the duplicity of the NFL with the plight of Colin Kaepernick; the cultural bias of analytics; the power of social activism verses the power and politics of professional sports ownership- from the perspective of a writer considered one of the leading voices of social, political and racial activism in sports media.

About the Author

Scoop Jackson is a National Senior Writer For ESPN. He has covered issues of race, culture, politics and sports for various publications for over twenty five years. He is the former executive editor of XXL and Slam and former publisher of The Agenda.

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ISBN: 9781642590975
ISBN-10: 1642590975
Publisher: Haymarket Books
Publication Date: June 16th, 2020
Pages: 180
Language: English