Book Volumes For Your Party



A bookstore? At a PARTY?

We know how to party. We also know that your many a wedding, corporate gala, or big birthday soirees have gifts for their guests. Why spend time making bath bombs they'll never use, or homemade jams they'll likely leave in the hotel room. We can budget for parties of all sizes. Why not have a collection of your favorite books for attendees to take home.


Wedding? What is cuter than two book loving newlyweds and stacks of their favorite books?

Corporate Gala? Why not send attendees home with books that inspire your employees/clients or celebrate your field/city/future tech?

Large Fundraiser? Send home books about your cause to encourage attendees to keep giving. Or, hire us to sell themed books and 20% will go towards the fundraiser!

Goody Bags for those coming to town for a conference/wedding? We can help with that, too! Let's add some favorite books about the city they're visiting!


We offer competitive bulk discounts for all of the above. It is more affordable than you think.


Have an event that you're thinking about? Send us a note at