We love our authors here at Volumes, and we want the experience of your new book to be a great one, even outside our walls. In the last eight years of hosting hundreds of author events large and small, we are acutely aware of best practices in marketing a book, marketing events, choosing and securing the right spaces to promote your book, and so much more.


Here are some author tips Rebecca wrote about several years ago (and is our most read page on this website). AUTHOR TIPS

We have a few options for one-on-one help from co-owner Rebecca. She is not only the owner, but the events and marketing team all in one.


1. BOOK PITCH Query a bookstore without offending them! (we get this often, unfortunately). Make a bookstore pitch where a bookstore will actually consider your event/book placement proposal.

2. BOOK TOUR 101 Have a forthcoming book and your publisher is doing little to promote or help you tour? We can help. Your book IS your business, and we can help develop a robust marketing and event tour plan that works best with your book.