900 N Michigan Store is now open!

We did a thing! That thing is a whole other bookstore! Yes, we are shocked we accomplished this as well. We are also exhausted and elated and 9,000 other emotions. 

You might be asking...how? When? Why? Are you masochists?

Following our short holiday pop-up last year at Water Tower Place, we were approached by the good people at 900 N. Michigan. We were certainly impressed with all of the changes they were making to this longstanding Mag Mile space. In recent years, they have done extensive renovations. Not only did they bring in an incredible food hall/bar/lounge, Aster Hall, with the guys from Au Cheval, but they also created a really beautiful space that is primed for people to sit, talk, and actually use the space for human reasons beyond just shopping.

They asked us to come on board, and with their very generous help we were able to create a very fine bookshop in the heart of the Gold Coast. They invested in Volumes, and in turn we aim to invest in the people of this community and beyond. 

This neighborhood needs some community spaces and we aim to bring a little of that to the locals. We intend on bringing a number of events to 900 N. From happy hour bookclubs to author lunches & signings, we are eager to get started! We know this might be a hike for some of our Wicker Park regulars, but we hope you come down, grab a beer or glass of wine just outside our doors (you can take your drink all over the mall ....yes, you read that right) or grab some Metropolis coffee just a few feet away! The 5th floor is full of food and fun and now books!

We are so thankful for all of the help from our family (especially our dad and his mad construction skills), our friends who did some heavy lifting, and our customers who helped with lantern making and more! We are always thankful for all of you, and don't worry, as of next week all 17k of our loyalty members will be able to add to their accounts at store #2! 

Stay tuned for Grand Opening festivities in October. We need to take a breather after putting a whole bookshop together in under three months! 


Thanks for your continued support of us,

Rebecca and Kimberly